The last show for us in this season was

International dog show NITRACANIS in Nitra (SK)

...judged by Ing. Jaroslav Kubala (SK)

Dream in open class finished on second place with Excellent 2 r.CAC,

Twist in champion class got mark Excellent 3,

and our Angie won open class with mark Excellent 1 CAC

and in competition also CACIB...

...she in now CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!!

In the final competition were Angie and Twist

third best pair in the show (from 33 entered pairs)...

photo: KYNOLOGICKÁ revue


09.-11.10.2009 World dog show Bratislava

On Friday 09.10.2009 we showed our two yorkies...

...the breed was judged in three rings by

Željka von Zidar (SLO) - females, Peter Machetanz (D) - males,

and puppies, juniors and veterans by Chan Weng Woh (MYR)

Speedy  got excellent in junior class

Twist got excellent in champion class


The second day there was Speciality show of CCD in Bernolákovo

...judged by Linda Voláriková (SK)

Harry,who was for the first time in open class,

ended up with excellent 2 R.CAC


On Sunday we went to Bratislava again...

CCD males were judged by Mr. Denis Kuzelj (SLO)

Harry made us happy

and as the youngest from open class won it and got excellent 1 CAC

now is also



26.9.2009 was held National dog show in Prešov (SK)...

...CCD judged by Manola Poggesi Arnetoli (I)

we only showed Harry, who got

excellent 1 CAC, Slovakian Winner 2009, BOB


19.9.2009 was held National dog show in Turija (SRB)...

...yorkies judged by Dejan Gujamičić (SRB)

our Dream won his class with Excellent 1 CAC, BOB and finally 3 BIG


...CCD judged by Siniša Sančanin (SRB)

Harry got CAC, BOB and now is NEW SERBIAN CHAMPION!!!


5.9.2009 was held National dog show in Požarevac (SRB)...

...yorkies judged by Siniša Rančić (SRB)

Speedy won junior class and got Excellent 1 PRM

Twist from open class got Excellent 1 CAC

 Best won champion class with CAC and finally also BOB


...CCD judged by Tijana Konrad (SRB)

HARRY in intermediate class CAC


the second day we went 100 km to Obrenovac (SRB)...

...where was held International dog show

judged by Marić Nenad (SRB)

Speedy won his class again and got Excellent 1 PRM


Twist from champion class got Excellent 2 R.CAC a R.CACIB


...CCD judged by Tijana Konrad (SRB)

HARRY won intermediate class with CAC, R.CACIB


Patike :-)  big thanks for handling...



New photos of "G" and "H" puppies...


Double international dog show was held in Debrecen (H)...

...first day was judged by president of Romanian terrier club - Lokodi Csaba Zsolt

...second day was judged by Torsten Himmrich (D)

our Dream both days finished on the second place with mark Excellent 2 R.CAC


20.08.2009 International dog show in  Wels (A)...

...CCD judged byMiroslav Zidar (SLO)

HARRY in intermediate class 2 R.CACA (handling Paty)

21.08.2009 was held in Wels (A) CENTRAL-EASTERN EUROPEAN CUP...

...yorkies judged by Maria-Luise Doppelreiter (A)

Speedy in junior class finished with mark Excellent 2

Second day 22.08.2009 was held ÖKV Centennial Winner Wels...

...yorkies judged by Erwin Deutscher (A)

Speedy in junior class finished with mark Excellent 2 again


...CCD judged by Doris Getzinger (A)

HARRY in intermediate class 2 R.CAC, again (handling Paty)



Paw-A-Dee HARD TO BEAT  "HARRY" - chinese crested dog


11.07.2009 was held in Košice (SK) Terrier special show ...

...judged by Anna Cwieceková (SK)

Maky in junior class Excellent

Wajky in junior class Excellent

Speedy in junior class Excellent 2

and our Angie in champion class

Excellent 1 CAC, BOS and Winner of terrier special show 2009

(BOS and BOB)



New photos of 5 weeks old "G" puppies...


...2 weeks old "H" puppies...


and 11 months old Speedy...



23.06.2009 were born two little boys...

Mother is Gudyork CRYSTAL "KIKI" and father is CH Choppard AMARETTO TWIST "TWIST"


01.06.2009 precisely on Children's Day ...

... our dog family has grown by three new members :-)))

Happy mother is Gudyork COCA COLA "COLA"

and proud father of three boys is CH Choppard BEST IN SHOW "BEST"


In this cold and rainy day was held national dog show in Nyíregyháza (H)...

...yorkies judge was president of Romanian terrier club - Lokodi Csaba Zsolt

our Dream won intermediate class and got excellent 1 CAC




Today celebrating our two girls Cola and Kiki their 4th birthday...

..in the same day, but "few" years before,

was birth our little-big handler, helper... , but mostly friend Pata

...we wish you happy and healthy life for all...

...and some more success in school :-)))


9. and 10.05.2009 was held in Bratislava 

double international dog show SPRINGDANUBE...

Both days our Angie in champion class finished on the second place.


We spent the Easter weekend at tripple show in Hungarian town Szilvásvárad.

...one of these shows was absolutely "bombastic"...

...more later, so the order

...the first day 11.04.2009 was held Terrier Club show...

...judged by Margarete Huber (A)

our Speedy made his debut for the first time in junior class, just 9 months old

he got the mark Excellent

Twist in open class finnished on the 3rd place with mark Excellent 3


...the second day 12.04.2009 was held

the V. Jubilee International dog show for the Lipica horse

...judged by Ing. Jaroslav Kubala (SK)

this time Speedy ended up at 3rd place

this day came our Dream, too

got Excellent 2 R.CAC from intermediate class


Twist put his legs on and ran for Excellent 1 CAC and R.CACIB



...the third day 13.04.2009 was held Gundogshow

judged by Rainer Jacobs (D)

Just before the judging we had a little chaos

someone called the Show office and said, that in the show area is located a bomb,

of course as it´s from our southern neighbours practise

this notice was declared only in native Hungarian...

so the headline in the evening News could be " In the show area the bomb explosed, injuries are only foreigners"

Fortunately it wasn´t truth and the show was successfuly continued.

Speedy ended up at 3rd place again

Twist won the open class again, too and got last CAC necessary for Hungarian championship


29.03.2009 was held Terrier Club Show in Viničné (SK)

...judged by very kind and gentle Mr. Peter Wurgatsch (DE) 

 Twist finished in the champion class on the third place...

and our Angie in competition of three champion females won class

and got her next title CAC :-)



new photos in puppies...


Our first show in this year was held in Innsbruck (A) 10. and 11.01.2009

First day was held National dog show...

...judged by Mrs. Erika Homonnai (A)

 Twist won champion class and last CACA necessary for title Champion of Austria...


Second day was held International dog show...

...judged by Karin Bernardis (A)

Twist in champion class finished with mark excellent 3